Aerospace Innovator Hydra-Electric Launches Redesigned Website hydraelectric.com

New Knowledge Center to feature industry content, including white papers, case studies, articles, and FAA updates.

HydraElectric homepage screenshot-small

Burbank, CA – January 15, 2015 — Hydra-Electric Company, a provider of breakthrough technology in sensors and switches for the aerospace industry, announces the launch of its redesigned website www.hydraelectric.com, showcasing industry relevant content, crisp design and a vibrant presentation.

“Our new website is already helping customers access pertinent information about our products,” said Tim Burmood, Director of Sales at Hydra-Electric. “We see this as a valuable resource for engineers and other aerospace professionals who can more easily find information addressing their specific needs. The redesign reflects our continual focus at Hydra to improve the service and products we deliver to the aerospace industry.”

Streamlined site navigation guides the visitor to relevant information about Hydra-Electric technology and solutions. Key tabs include: Sensors, Switches, Programs, Knowledge Center, and About, highlighting Hydra-Electric capabilities and certifications.

The new Knowledge Center features white papers, articles, case studies, and industry news, such as the Federal Aviation Administration’s recent announcement of new aircraft icing standards and a related case study, “A Rigorous Test for Extreme Icing Conditions.” Content will continue to be added.

The Sensors and Switches sections explain how Hydra-Electric’s sensing technology is differentiated, offering detailed product characteristics, and a summary of programs and applications where the products have been used.

The responsive design of the site is optimized for mobile devices, accommodating tablets to smart phones. Multiple language options serve Hydra-Electric’s international aerospace community. Visitors can sign up to receive product updates, white papers and industry announcements.

About Hydra-Electric

Hydra-Electric is a trusted provider of reliable technology in sensors and switches in the aerospace industry. Its proven solutions include: pressure, temperature and multi-function sensors; and pressure, temperature and liquid flow switches. Hydra’s high performance sensing technologies are able to address problems which were previously thought to be unsolvable, including: pressure-spike damage, pump ripple, high-speed impulses, burst diaphragms, and broken wire bonds to name a few.

The Company has been an innovator in the aerospace industry since 1948 when it introduced the Negative Rate Disc Spring design that remains the global standard today for aerospace pressure switches. Hydra-Electric’s products are found in demanding military and commercial applications, including fixed and rotary wing aircraft, missiles, space launch platforms, ships and submarines, armored vehicles and UCAVs.