Why Hydra-Electric?

Core values and capabilities that make us an industry leader

Since 1948, the aerospace industry has relied on Hydra-Electric to design and manufacture sensors and switches that are critical to aircraft systems because of our focus on innovation, quality, accuracy and reliability.

Why should you choose Hydra-Electric?  Check out our three primary differentiators below.

A Proven Innovator

Switches and sensors powered by innovation and imagination

Soon after Hydra-Electric was founded in 1948, the company introduced breakthrough technology to the aerospace industry, designing and patenting the snap action sensing of pressure by means of the negative rate disc spring, which employed an additional trim spring for pressure adjustment. This environmentally powered snap action design has since become the standard for critical aerospace applications.

Over the course of our history, Hydra-Electric has continued to introduce innovative designs for temperature and pressure sensing for a variety of aircraft programs. Within the past decade, we have introduced breakthrough technology in sensors, patent-pending technology that excels and addresses problems that can’t be addressed by older technologies.

Solving the unsolvable

Sensing technology that eliminates common operational shortcomings

Until now, aerospace engineers have come to accept that sensing technology will inevitably succumb to various conditions, such as:

  • Pressure spikes
  • High-speed impulses
  • High cycle counts of one million or more
  • Pump ripple
  • Burst diaphragms
  • Broken wire bonds

In addition, they have resigned themselves to accept reduced accuracy at the low and high ends of the temperature range.

All these issues—previously unsolvable—can now be addressed with Hydra-Electric’s breakthrough sensing technology.

Continually improving

A steadfast focus on quality and exceeding expectations

Hydra-Electric is committed to a program of Continuous Improvement to ensure the highest levels of product quality and on-time delivery to our customers in accordance to their requirements, which we strive to exceed. We believe this is the only way to develop long-term business relationships with customers that work to our mutual benefit.

To achieve these levels of quality, beginning from the design stage and on through every step of the production cycle, our employees build quality into our products at every stage. This is accomplished through training, procedural documentation, commitment to excellence in quality and with the mindset of how can “I” improve our products.

Hydra-Electric’s commitment to continuous improvement is accomplished through a strict regimen of Lean Manufacturing and Six-Sigma methodology, with our efforts focused on:

  • Improving on-time delivery
  • Improving product quality
  • Increasing inventory turns
  • Optimizing facility efficiencies

These ongoing targets are pursued by improving our first-pass yields, and reducing scrap and rework, which we accomplish by reducing variations in manufacturing (repeatability and reproducibility) along with reducing or eliminating the seven types of waste known as “Muda”:

  • Transportation—unnecessary handling of goods
  • Inventory—material in any stage awaiting further processing
  • Motion—unnecessary motion of people, which increases Takt time
  • Waiting—wasted time
  • Over-processing—all unnecessary processing, including personnel time and equipment
  • Overproduction—encompasses all of the other wastes: of time, cost of extra materials, and cost of storage and preservation
  • Defects—waste of time (rework) and money (scrap)

Our manufacturing processes are documented with value stream and time value maps to illustrate and expose areas of opportunities for improvement, which can then be addressed via Kaizen events and 6S projects. Future value stream maps will also include the front office area to identify further opportunities for improvement. Our Kaizen events are championed by our upper management and performed by all levels of personnel from department managers to machine operators. Everyone gets the opportunity to contribute.

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