Liquid Flow Switches

Our liquid flow switches are available in a wide range of designs for coolants, fuel, oil or hydraulic flow applications, and their service life is a robust 75,000 cycles.

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Aerospace Liquid Flow Switches


Liquid Flow Switch 45H-F

Note: Product image shown represents just one of the many envelope options we can offer. We can design a custom envelope to fit your needs.

System to 250 PSI
Proof to 375 PSI
Burst Not applicable
Actuation  0.25 GPM to 30 GPM
Deadband 12% to 40% of actuation set point
Electrical Hermetically sealed SDPT or DPTP,
2 mA TO 7 A Res @ 5-32 VDC
Environmental Ambient conditions
Temperature -65°F (-54°C) to 180°F (82°C)
Vibration 5 to 2000 Hz up to 20 g’s
Shock 25 g’s
Service Life 75,000 cycles
Weight 4 to 24 oz. (approx.)


Wide range of designs available for coolants, fuel, oil or hydraulic flow applications. High-efficiency venturi or orifice and negative rate disc spring sensing mechanism ensures low pressure loss and accurate adjustable flow settings. Aluminum, brass or stainless steel construction.

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