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temperature sensor

Note: Product image shown represents just one of the many envelope options we can offer. We can design a custom envelope to fit your needs.

Accuracy IEC-751 Class A or B
Resistance @ 0°C 100 ohm or 1K ohm
Max. Current 2 mA recommended operating max (resistance output)
Recommended Current 1 mA max (resistance output)
Electrical RTD resistance output or amplified voltage or 4-20 mA output
Temperature Range -100°C to +250°C standard, +300°C extended
Survival Temperature -100°C to +500°C media temp 
Vibration 5 to 2000 Hz up to 20 g’s
Shock 100 g’s
Service Life 1000 temperature cycles
Weight 5 oz. (approx.)


Temperature measurement utilizes a platinum RTD. Both wire wound and thin-film RTDs are available. Thin-film RTDs are used in applications requiring durability under high vibration, or where physical size is limited. The RTDs are potted into a stainless steel cover for strength and quick response.

Units are available with a wide range of welded connectors. Standard and fully custom interfaces are available. Body size and shape is suited for a wide variety of applications. Sensor can be used with any media compatible with stainless steel.


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