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A variety of choices to meet your needs

In addition to our pressure, temperature and liquid flow switches, Hydra-Electric offers a variety of other switch products to meet specific operational needs.

Other Aerospace Switch Product Offerings

Multiple Function Switches

  • Unique dual snap action disc springs with miniature electrical switches capable of gage and differential pressure sensing, or pressure and temperature functions within a single body
  • Combining multiple switch functions into one assembly offers space, weight, and cost savings on new or retrofit aircraft programs

Flow Switches and Bypass Valves

  • Capable of a wide range of liquid flow measuring and a unique flow valve for high bypass flow

Hybrid Electronic Switches

  • Offers capability for stabilizing and controlling contact resistance

Breather Valves

  • Provides constant delta pressure between ambient and engine gear box

Altitude Switches

  • Utilizes reliable aneroid capsule and negative plate disc spring; designed for altitude or absolute pressure sensing
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Please contact us to discuss your switch needs so we can determine how we can best address them with our cutting-edge technology.

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