Flow and Multi-Function Sensors

Aerospace Multi-Function Sensors

Hydra-Electric’s multi-function sensor capabilities include:

  • Combined temperature/pressure options
  • Multiple pressure-sensing elements
  • Mechanical switch + sensor solutions

With Hydra-Electric, you can combine temperature and pressure sensing into one device. Amplified and non-amplified can be incorporated into one unit. Gage can be mixed with absolute, which can be mixed with differential, which can be combined with redundant options.

In addition to having multiple sensors, we can provide both electrical and mechanical isolation between those multiple channels. It is also possible to put a switch and a sensor into the same package.

Many of our customers are asking for numerous redundant sensors in one package. In response, we have developed innovative designs whereby if one of the channels fails, the other channels can still work.

What does this means for our customers? Higher reliability and better safety in operation.



Hydra-Electric’s newest innovation in sensor design:

The design involves an enhanced approach not found in the products of other sensor manufacturers. Hydra-Electric’s model builds on the combined sampling of pressure drop across a venturi, coupled with absolute pressure measurement of the inflow and the known temperature reading of the media to provide accurate calculations of the mass-flow of air or gases.

This enhanced design crafts together high accuracy sensing elements capable of precise measurement operating over wide flow ranges and extended temperature extremes to provide precise readings for tight accuracy. The combination of flow dynamics and advanced sensor structures allows for a reduced venturi size which is able to fit into compact spaces which in turns simplifies system design as well as installation of the unit.

The Venturi Flow meter eliminates random failure, high maintenance cost, and compromises of low accuracy.

Another significant advantage of Hydra-Electric’s approach is that it can accomplish three full measurements in a single sensor unit. While the mass flow absolute pressure reading is the main focus, the unit can also measure differential pressure and temperature. This reduces both space requirements and device weight, which is always an important factor for designers of major aircraft systems.


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