Hydra-Electric's patented & patent-pending sensors excel where older technologies fail.

Breakthrough Aerospace Sensor/Transducer Technology

Our solutions are designed to deliver high accuracy, extend service life, eliminate pressure spike damage, remain safe at millions of pressure cycles, stay protected from electrical transients, and resist electromagnetic HIRF interference.

why our sensor technology is Better…

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    Solve problems
    you didn’t know could be solved
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    to any operating parameter
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    Achieve Linear Accuracy
    over a wide temperature range

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Applications where our Products have been used

Hydra-Electric's high performance sensing technology has been utilized across a wide variety of critical aerospace systems.

  • Environmental Control
    Environmental Control
  • Landing gear
    Landing Gear
  • engines
  • flight controls
    Flight Controls
  • hydraulics
  • Filter Systems
    Filter Systems
  • Anti-Icing Systems
  • Fuel Systems
    Fuel Systems
  • Crew Oxygen Systems
    Crew Oxygen
  • Force Fight
    Force Fight
Sensor Inquiry

Please contact us to discuss your sensor needs so we can determine how we can best address them with our cutting-edge technology.

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