Mastering the rigors of space exploration

Space Technology Programs

When man turned to the exploration of the heavens, the very best of American technology was called upon to master the rigors of space. Never before have higher standards of innovation and broader results in scientific discoveries been achieved than through American space exploration. These inspirational leaps of science have resulted in tens of thousands of new system developments, of which Hydra-Electric is proud to have been an integral part.

Each phase of each space project has propelled man into new historic missions demanding the utmost in flight safety, extreme tolerances, system reliance and team coordination. Decades of NASA space programs have relied on Hydra-Electric’s pressure switches for groundbreaking missions, historical achievements and global advancement. No-fault operations are just the beginning.

We have provided complete system integration for the following historic programs:

NASA Mercury Program (Atlas Rocket)
NASA Gemini Program (Titan Rocket)
NASA Apollo Program (Saturn Rocket)
McDonnell Douglas Delta Rocket