Types of Sensors

Types of Sensors/Transducers

Hydra-Electric’s design advances incorporate patent-pending technologies, providing specifications and operating levels not seen previously in sensor systems.


  • Pressure
  • Our gage, absolute and differential pressure sensors deliver high accuracy, extend service life, eliminate pressure spike damage, are safe at millions of pressure sensors—and more.
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  • Temperature
  • Our temperature sensors eliminate common failure points like wire bonds, flexible diaphragms and oil-filled headers while operating in environments from -67° to 302°F.
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  • Flow and Multi-function
  • Our innovative design for venturi based mass flow systems. Multi-function sensor capabilities include combined temp/pressure options, multiple pressure-sensing elements and more.
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Sensor Inquiry

Please contact us to discuss your sensor needs so we can determine how we can best address them with our cutting-edge technology.

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