Flight Daily News: Impressing the Switch Market

flightDailyThinking of switching suppliers? Then make your way to Hydra-Electric. The Burbank, California-based company (hall 5, C249) is displaying its range of sensors and switches, including its new patent-pending pressure switch. The product uses a disc-contact spring to perform two functions: the disc spring snaps into action when the pressure actuation point is reached; at the same time, the contact within the disc spring makes contact with an electrical interface send an electrical signal.

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About Hydra-Electric

Hydra-Electric is a trusted provider of reliable technology in sensors and switches in the aerospace industry. Its proven solutions include: pressure, temperature and multi-function sensors; and pressure, temperature and liquid flow switches. Hydra’s high performance sensing technologies are able to address problems which were previously thought to be unsolvable, including: pressure-spike damage, pump ripple, high-speed impulses, burst diaphragms, and broken wire bonds to name a few.

The Company has been an innovator in the aerospace industry since 1948 when it introduced the Negative Rate Disc Spring design that remains the global standard today for aerospace pressure switches. Hydra-Electric’s products are found in demanding military and commercial applications, including fixed and rotary wing aircraft, missiles, space launch platforms, ships and submarines, armored vehicles and UCAVs.