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Ice Conditions No Match for this Switch: Case Study

Spring may be about to push winter away for another season, but winter storms on the East Coast this week remind us that it’s not over yet. While there may be frigid temperatures on the ground, they pale in comparison to the extreme freeze conditions up where aircraft fly. To fully endure these low temperatures, aircraft components must be designed for extremes and rigorously tested, lest they fail in what could be a catastrophic consequence.

Hydra-Electric was presented with a challenge from a major airframe manufacturer having problems with pressure switch performance on certain types of flights that involved high humidity, coupled with extreme low temperature and high altitude. In a recent case study, we describe how the Hydra-Electric team met that challenge by designing a pressure switch (Series 12H/G) able to excel under these extreme conditions.

Read our short description of the issue and the solution in the Case Study section of our Knowledge Center: