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Our Product Catalog—Now Online!

Hydra-Electric Product Catalog

Our newly minted product catalog is now available for viewing online in our Knowledge Center, where you can review our standard, commercially available  sensor and switch designs. But, keep in mind, Hydra-Electric engineers can also custom design a sensor or switch to meet your specific requirements. .

Our breakthrough technology in sensors and transducers features pressure, temperature, and multi-function options; and, as always we can design a custom envelope to fits your needs. Hydra-Electric’s design advances incorporate patented technologies, providing specifications and operating levels not seen previously in sensor systems. Find out what’s different about Hydra’s sensing technology.

Hydra-Electric switches are the industry standard for performance and reliability. Our pressure switches reliably perform over the long term, even in the harshest environments and under high vibration and shock conditions. Temperature switches feature a lightweight, miniaturized design for hydraulic, oil and fuel system temperature sensing in a sizable temperature range. Liquid Flow switches are available in a wide range of designs for coolants, fuel, oil, or hydraulic flow applications with a service life at a robust 75,000 cycles.

Hydra-Electric has been developing new technologies to solve the unsolvable since 1948. So, while our new product catalog shows the performance specifications and versatility of our standard, commercial sensor and switch products, we continue to introducing new solutions.

View the catalog.