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Aviation Business Daily covers Hydra-Electric’s new sensor design

We got INK. 

On DAY 2 of NBAA, Aviation Business Daily published an article highlighting Hydra Electric’s latest innovation in sensing technology. The article discusses a new unique sensor design for venturi based mass flow systems. (Hydra-Electric is at booth C-7706 at NBAA).

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Text of article:

New, Unique Venturi Design Introduced for Business Aircraft Environmental Controls System

Hydra-Electric, a designer and manufacturer of sensing technology, announced the introduction of an innovative new design for venturi based mass flow systems. The design involves an enhanced approach not found in the products of other sensor designers. The strategy builds on the combined sampling of pressure drop across a venturi, coupled with absolute pressure measurement of the inflow and the known temperature reading of the media to provide accurate calculations of the mass-flow of air or gases.

This enhanced design crafts together high-accuracy sensing elements capable of precise measurement operating over wide flow ranges and extended temperature extremes to provide precise readings for tight accuracy. Through the combination of flow dynamics and advanced sensor structures, a reduced venturi size and length fit compact spaces to simplify installation and system design.

Additional advantages of this venturi mass flow system are improved robustness and reliability compared with traditional designs. Gone are early or random failure, high maintenance cost and compromises of low accuracy. While the mass flow reading is the main focus, the unit can provide three full measurements in a single sensor unit: differential pressure, absolute pressure and temperature. This adds to reduced space requirements and weight reduction, which is always an important factor for application in major aircraft systems.

While the design’s initial application was for the environmental controls system of a business aircraft, it has been generalized for use in commercial aviation as well as military programs.

This announcement continues a long line of innovations in sensing technology introduced by Hydra-Electric. Other examples include high-temperature sensors, near infinite cycle life for pressure monitoring systems, electronic pressure and temperature switch technology, low pressure differential measurement with high line pressure and adjustable-range aerospace grade sensing. Located in Burbank, California, Hydra-Electric has served the aerospace industry since 1948. The company is exhibiting at NBAA Booth #C7706.