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Dual 70th Birthday Celebrations as #FIA2018 Commences

Hydra-Electric is kicking off the celebration of its 70th birthday as the Farnborough International Airshow (#FIA2018) gets underway today in London. Turns out this isn’t just a special year for us. FIA also began holding its biannual event at Farnborough Airport in 1948, the year Alan V.C. Davis founded Hydra-Electric. We’re pleased to share this significant milestone with FIA while exhibiting at #FIA18, which will run through this Friday, July 20.

While we’re not sure what they have planned for their 70th, we’re announcing new products that continue the Hydra legacy of innovation. We’ve also published a new white paper that examines the hazards of high altitude radiation on aircraft electronics and presents solutions to the problem of Single Event Effects.

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